Free Explainer Video Software

Nowadays, explainer videos have become an indeed clever way to explain and advertise a brand or a service. In some cases, the text can be beneficial in elaborating complex business ideas because it is an ideal means of efficiently communicating by saving time and money. Their key objective is to educate the clients about the business and extend the product name deeper into the intended market. Explainer videos are quite popular these days, especially in online marketing. However, making excellent videos requires some expertise using the appropriate software.


Anime Studio Pro is effective in creating cartoons and cut-out animations. With a simple click on the mouse, you can build characters from scratch, import photoshop files and add frames with ease. It has generous multi-sound formats that make it easy to make killer animations.


PowToon is a free software that allows you to create cool animated videos. They have some ready-made templates which create high-end quality animatronics. Without any technical knowledge, you can be able to create good presentations far much better than using PowerPoint.


With more than 1300 images and 50 music tracks, you can create full HD explainer videos at ease. Most folks prefer Video to Muvizu and PowToon due to the quality of its videos. This is not just another drag and drops explainer video software.


This is another free popular animation program that allows you to create animations without the need for expensive equipment or specialist training. They have strong YouTube support with the likes of Go Animate (2D) and Xtra-Normal (3D). They provide a platform to create intricate character animation and the ability to cooperate on creations.


Daz 3D is a 3D animation software that is free. If you are looking for free 3D animation software, you can try Daz 3d alongside with Anim8or or Free3Dtor. The problem with the latter is that it is limited in functions and design. You cannot be able to create a spectacular video using the free software since they cannot do so.


This is not a popular software, but it is a DIY software that has a drag and drop interface that is user-friendly even without technical knowledge. They are effective in making whiteboard explainer videos. As its name suggests, it is a software created for amateur animators who cannot withstand boring PowerPoint.


Moovly allows you to combine your audio clips and pictures in making your whiteboard animations. They have a super cool doodle marker that helps you style up your videos. The editing tools are precise for creating stunning web explainer videos. Personally, I would recommend Moovly if you are looking for whiteboard animation software.


Imagine a hand dragging component across the screen and swiping them away. Instead of drawing using a marker or a pen in a whiteboard animation, MySimpleShow can work magic for you. Their lightweight vector images and a variety of animated characters can help you build communicating graphics explainer videos.

Keeping the pace up with the current promotion tactics is important for any business, product or startup. Explainer videos are the best ways to explain your brand as well as advertise it saving time and financial resources. This is the best way to intensify your ROI and get your target viewers to take actions. Many startups operate on a small budget thus choosing from the free DIY tools can help keep the expense down. While you may want to save money, it is important to note that free tools cannot create stunning videos. There is explainer video company that produces professional and highly compelling videos that will make you go wow.