5 Reasons Why You Should Upload Your Explainer Videos on YouTube

Explainer Videos to Go Viral

YouTube has increased in popularity over the years, and it’s still surging ahead at a frantic pace, thanks to the shift from text-based to visual-based content. Today, every business owner has a YouTube channel to promote their products and services through video. While most people know that YouTube allows people to view and share videos they like, business people can benefit from the platform through explainer videos in many ways:

Your explainer videos enjoy global accessibility

Besides offering around-the-clock availability for your explainer videos, YouTube enables you to reach a worldwide audience. This allows you to increase your customer base and broaden sales. And if you’re worried about the language barrier, YouTube has a ‘’closed caption” feature that can take your videos beyond borders.

With a ton of users, your explainer videos will get the much-needed views

As of this writing, YouTube receives more than one billion viewers each month. This is an astounding opportunity for your explainer video to reach millions of people. There is no medium or channel out there that can give your explainer videos this kind of visibility. That’s why no business owner can ignore the use of YouTube to grow their brand.

YouTube allows you to share your explainer videos with little effort

YouTube has a simple functionality to enable users to share videos they like on social media and other forums. That means you can easily integrate YouTube into your social media marketing strategy. This makes the platform a very potent marketing tool.

Google ownership of YouTube makes it a great platform to market your explainer videos

The fact that Google owns YouTube means videos posted on the platform are accorded greater ranking recognition. That’s why you see YouTube videos appearing on the first page of Google search results. On top of that, you can laser-target your explainer videos to your target audience using the Google AdWords for video. The good thing about Google AdWords for video is that you only pay for engaged views.

YouTube allows you to monetize your explainer videos

Apart from the benefits, it brings to your business; you can make money with YouTube via the Google Adsense for video. Also, you can set up your YouTube Channel and charge a subscription fee. And we haven’t even talked about if your explainer video goes viral. The opportunities you will get from advertisers if that happens are many.


Other benefits derived from uploading your explainer videos to YouTube include great feedback, great features, ability to measure impact, and its cost-effective nature. All this are reasons enough to motivate you to promote your explainer videos through YouTube.