5 Powerful Tips for Getting Your Explainer Videos to Go Viral

Explainer Videos to Go Viral

Pretty much everyone creates a video with the anticipation that it will go viral online. After all, it’s the best method of getting a ton of viewers to watch it. However, with the overwhelming amount of videos made and shared on the internet every minute, very few go viral. The same applies to explainer videos. While nobody has managed to come up with a surefire technique to make a video go viral, there are specific things you can do to increase the possibilities: Let check out a few:

1)     Make sure your explainer videos are shorter and easy to understand

If you’ve watched most viral videos, you noticed that they are short, have easy to understand script and simple. That’s how you need to make your explainer videos. The most important thing in a video, however, is the audio. Make the audio crisp. Also, ensure the visuals are superb, and you’ll be on the way to making viral videos.

2)     Make your explainer videos search engine friendly

A viral video starts with how easily people can find it. When many people can find it online and share it, the possibilities of it going viral are great. So you should always make a point to optimize your explainer videos for search engines. How do you maximize explainer videos for search engines? You might ask. It’s simple, include relevant, the most searched keywords online in the video title, tags, and description.

3)     Your explainer videos should be shareable

The main driver for a viral video is the sharing option. Therefore, you should make it easy for viewers to share your explainer videos. To ensure your videos are easy to share, insert social media links or upload them to YouTube. YouTube has the entire social media share icons built in their system.

4)     It’s critical to have great content for your explainer vitals

All the above efforts will be useless if you create mediocre content. People are encouraged to share a video when it’s valuable and appeals to them. Therefore, endeavor to tell creative stories that evoke emotions and motivate viewers to share the video.

5)     Formulate a strong marketing plan for your explainer videos

Explainer videos will not sell themselves. You need to get them out there, in front of your target audience. And that’s where marketing comes in. You can try out various paid and free marketing plans like social media marketing, Google Adwords and more.



While all these tips can help your explainer videos go viral, there is an important aspect of timing that you shouldn’t ignore. Know the time that more people are online, and where they hang out and post your explainer videos at that time. Videos tend to get more views and shares when posted at the right time.