4 Main Advantages of Embedding Explainer Videos on Your Landing Page

Embedding Explainer Videos

The number of websites online these days is astounding. A recent Google report states that more than one billion sites are available online today. And more than 140, 000 are being created every day. While some website owners don’t take websites seriously, the savvy ones know that it’s a powerful tool to get a ton of sales via the use of explainer videos on their landing pages. A skillfully crafted explainer video on a company’s landing page can bring the following benefits to the website owner:

1. Explainer videos on your landing page can increase dwell time

Since dwell time is a ranking factor for Google, many website owners are continually looking for ways to get visitors to stay longer on their sites. One of the most effective ways to increase dwell time is to embed explainer videos on their landing pages. If the explainer video is impressive, the visitor will watch it to the end and go ahead to explore the entire website.

2. Explainer videos are more engaging than text

The aim of building a business website is to attract a lot of customers and motivate them to buy our products or services. But you will have to engage them first before they can buy from you. Use of explainer videos on your landing page is the best strategy to engage prospects into buying from you.

3. Explainer videos can break down complex brand messages

Sometimes the brand concept can be hard for the customer to comprehend. You need the customer to understand your concept in the shortest time possible. Explainer videos are designed to break down complex brand messages into simple to understand information.

4. Explainer videos can propel your search engine rankings

For online users to know the existence of your website, they must be able to find it. And that means it should appear on top of their search results. It’s pretty hard to get your website on the first page of Google. There are many parameters you have to complete. But there is one thing can propel your search engine rankings quickly: Explainer videos.  Because Google owns YouTube, your explainer videos will get preference when it comes to ranking recognition when you upload them to the platform. A higher search engine ranking will increase traffic to your website, hence more sales.


Other benefits associated with embedding explainer videos on your landing page include an increase in trust, social media benefits and an increase in conversions. So you can see that embedding explainer videos on your landing page are critical to your website’s success, especially in this day and age of cutthroat competition in the online business landscape.